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Introducing our law firm

Serving Montana for 100 years

In 1920, Leo Graybill, Sr. spent everything he had on law books and a desk and opened a law office in Belt, Montana.


“I hope I make it,” he wrote to his sister.


Over a century later, the Graybill Law Firm has been part of some of the most important cases in state history.


Montanans rely on Graybill Law Firm for loyal and effective legal representation. We communicate with our clients throughout all stages of a claim; our focus is on understanding the facts of what our clients are facing, fully explaining the process for resolving the problem, and achieving the best possible outcome. Our clients’ claims become our responsibility—we shoulder the weight. Our clients’ confidence in our integrity and in our ability to advocate for them successfully is our highest priority.


We handle personal injury claims and other large damage claims on a contingent fee basis. Graybill Law Firm focuses exclusively on civil litigation, including personal injury, medical malpractice, lawyer malpractice, insurance coverage denials, litigation against government agencies, constitutional violations, and complex commercial litigation.


Ben Graybill and Raph Graybill handle cases statewide in Montana.

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